Wobit.io Review

Reviewing WOBIT – The Best Features That Highlight This Broker

Wobit.io websiteYou can achieve a lot in trading if you have picked the right people to be on your side. A lot of people, when they start trading, make a lot of hasty decisions. These decisions lead them to signing up with the wrong companies and becoming a part of teams that really do not offer them good value. When you trade online, you have to sign up with a company. When you sign up with a company, you have to open a trading account, and this account only works for you when you deposit your funds in it. Is that something you can take casually? Of course, not!

Wobit Review

So, when you have your money involved in something, I recommend that you take it seriously from the very beginning. There are many online platforms that can provide you with similar trading services. However, if you are specifically looking for a place where you could trade cryptocurrencies, I would like to make a recommendation. So, I would like to recommend WOBIT to you for all your crypto trading needs. I think this broker has really hit the mark with the features that are extremely friendly for traders and offer them ample opportunities to progress in their trading careers.

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I will provide you with all the information that is necessary to prove my point and make my recommendation valid. So, here we go.

Broker       WOBIT
Website https://wobit.io/
Trading Type Cryptocurrency Trading
In-house Platform Yes
Leverage X10
Funding with Crypto Yes
Mining Allowed Yes (Through WOBIT Mining Pool)
Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, etc.
Account Manager Yes
Customer Support 24/7/365 (Phone, Email, Online Form)

Wobit Exchange

Loans and Staking

There are certain things that a lot of new traders are completely unaware of. With the passage of time, people are becoming more and more aware of how they can trade online and make money from cryptocurrency trading. However, there are certain things that I think will still need some time for people to become familiar with. So, at this moment, I am talking about a service that you will not see most of the online trading services providers offer. In this particular case, I am referring to the staking service. Do you know what staking is all about in the cryptocurrency trading world?

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Well, what you can do is you can hold on to the cryptocurrency that you have in your wallet and make money from it. You can deposit the cryptocurrency that you have with the online trading service that you are using. It will then help you make money on your deposits. You will not be doing anything with that money, mind you. You just deposit this money with the online service provider and they offer you some gains over the course of time. In other words, the money that was lying around without any value is no offering you some benefits. In addition to that, you can take advantage of loans as well.

Yes, this is a service that is quite new to crypto traders. This particular feature has been around for many years since you can take advantage of it with other financial assets. However, when it comes to cryptocurrencies, I have to say that this service is quite new. And that’s the reason you will not see most of the online brokers not offering you this service. However, once you sign up with WOBIT, you will have access to some funds in the form of loans as well. You can deposit your digital currencies in your account with the online broker and then get a loan on that amount.

You can see that if you don’t use this money for getting a loan, you will not get anything out of it. You don’t want to sell it in the market because you probably want to wait for the right time. However, for as long as you are not trading it, you are not obtaining any value from it. I think getting a loan on the digital coins you own is a great way to make the most of the digital currencies that you have in your possession.

Big Leverages for You

You can take advantage of leverages when you trade with WOBIT. I know you must be thinking that getting leverages on your trades is nothing special or new. That’s true. Most of the online companies that provide you with trading services offer you with leverages as well. Leverages are the contributions that come from the broker that you have signed up with and whose trading services you are using. When you are on their trading platform, you make trades and get some contribution from them on those trades. You do that because the trade you are entering is bigger than the amount in your trading account.

What happens is that the company provides you with the amount that you are short of for trading. But that’s not it, the company makes sure that you get a lot of value from leverages. So, in reality, the trading service provider will match the amount you are willing to invest with an amount specified on the website. In this particular case, you will invest only $1 in a particular trade and the broker you have signed up with is willing to give you $10 for every single dollar that you invest. That’s something that will allow you to make money on your trades by amplifying the profits that you will make when you are successful.

Wobit Review

However, there is a big catch that you have to know when you trade like that. With other assets from conventional financial markets, you can get some huge leverages. You will see a huge difference in the leverage you get on traditional assets and what you get with cryptocurrencies. You have to realize that cryptocurrencies have very huge values. At the same time, since this market is relatively new, it is quite risky for some online trading services providers. What I can tell you here is that the leverage you are getting from WOBIT is something you can admire when you compare it to what others have to offer.

AML and KYC  

Signing up with an online firm for trading is not the only aim that you should have. You should know that there are some online services that are not meant to provide you with any type of trading. They are just there to make you shell out your money on their platforms. When you look for some trading service, you realize that everything that was told you was just false. Well, in simple terms, we call them scammers. I have seen many online scammers that tell you a lot of things that are not true. For example, they will tell you that you can make millions of dollars on cryptocurrency trading in no time at all.

That’s the biggest lie that anyone on the internet can tell you. If making millions were this easy, everyone would be a millionaire in this world. Now, I have to tell you here that signing up with online trading platforms requires you to pay attention to a few security measures. AML and KYC policies are there to help you sign up with an online trading platform that really cares about your requirements, security, and safety. So, how do you reach that conclusion? Well, let me tell you that under the AML policy, the company that you sign up with requires every trader to provide only authentic, personal, and accurate banking details.

You can’t just provide your brother’s, sister’s, spouse’s etc. credit card information on the website and think that you will be able to trade on it anytime you want. Today, things have changed and due to the AML policy, you can only use the same account that you have used for depositing funds. At the same time, you have to make sure that the name on your credit card or bank statement is the same that you have provided to the company on the website. If these information pieces don’t match, you will not be able to trade at all.

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As for the KYC policy, you can’t even think about signing up with the broker and trading unless you provide all your personal details accurately. You have to be sure that your details include your identification information. You will have to give your identification number and the picture of the card on which you have the number. Furthermore, you will have to provide the company with the copy and pictures of your utility bills. This is to prove your location and its accuracy. Anyone who is trying to use fake and stolen information on the website will be filtered right at this point due to this KYC policy in place.

Proper Training and Education

Can you really make profits on your trades unless you know what you are doing? That’s an important question and one that every trader has to ask themselves when they step into trading. There is something I want to tell you here. Just because you have an online broker providing you with all the educational material upon signup does not mean that you have reached the right place. Keep in mind that you are a crypto trader, not just any regular trader. You can’t be satisfied with just any education on trading. You have to learn specifically how to trade cryptocurrencies.

That’s what makes the training material of many online companies completely useless. They provide you with generic information about trading and trading strategies. However, those generic strategies really don’t work for you when you are in the cryptocurrency market. When you sign up with WOBIT, I am sure that you are going to feel some difference. You will notice that all the education is completely focused on cryptocurrency trading. Every strategy you learn will be something that you can put to good use when you trade. In addition to that, you will get the training that you deserve.

I am talking about training with the help of the best experts in the industry. You will not be learning from people who have no idea what trading is all about. You can participate in online webinars that will teach you everything about trading. All the information you get in webinars comes from the people who have been a part of online trading for many years. These people know what they are talking about and they can give you the tips that can help you make money in any financial market. In addition to that, you can get education through private sessions as well.

I consider this type of learning the best type of learning because you can get personal attention from someone who really knows what trading is all about. In other words, you will get to learn the way that makes the most sense. If you don’t want to learn from a person, I recommend that you go with either videos or ebooks that will teach you everything you want to know about trading.

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Get Professional Customer Service

The customer service you will get from WOBIT is something that you will never forget. I have to tell you that when you start trading, you will run into a lot of different problems every single day. Why? Because you are new to trading and even the most basic features on the platform might bug you. You will have to understand a lot of new concepts. Don’t forget that you will have to learn a lot of jargon before you can even think about learning how to trade. None of the lessons you attend or classes you take will make sense unless you have the knowledge of the basic terms and terminologies used in trading.

So, when you need help, you need someone on the other side to help you. Online trading platforms are not known very much for their customer support. Yes, you will get customer support from just about any platform that you sign up with. However, it will not be something that you will really love. I think that was the same experience for me. When I started trading and talked to the customer support departments of various online trading services providers, I realized that they did not offer me anything special. In most cases, they would just tell me that they would call me back.

I never got any call back from them and was never given the help that I was looking for. Things changed completely for me when I signed up with WOBIT. This company completely change the way I perceived customer support. The customer support department at this company is run by the most professional people who know how to talk to you. They listen to you carefully before interrupting you and showing you that they know a lot. Even if they know the answers to your questions, they will wait for you to finish. You can contact these professionals in the way that you prefer.

So, if you look at WOBIT’s customer support, it is there for you through email and phone. You can contact the phone when you need immediate attention or send an email when you have some other inquiry that is not urgent. However, the best thing is that you have the customer support department available to answer your queries every single moment of the day or night. Yes, you are getting 24/7 customer support from this company, which is something I have not seen any other company provide.

Perfect Trading Assets

The assets that you can trade when you sign up with an online broker matter a lot in your trading career. I have to tell you that I have talked to hundreds of professionals in my life. I am talking about people who have spent decades in trading. Whenever I talk to them to seek their advice, the first thing they tell me is that I should diversify my trading portfolio. That’s something that never made sense to me before. However, as I continued to grow in my trading career, I realized what they were talking about. I realized what it meant to put all the eggs in the same baskets.

So, once I realized what they were talking about, I finally took the right steps. I started investing my money in many assets rather than spending it on the same asset. I realized that if I lost money on one asset, I could make up for that on another asset. Now, the most important thing is that you can diversify your portfolio within the same market as well. With other brokers, I always noticed that if I stayed in a  particular market, I could really not diversify anything. That’s because they were very limited with the assets that they were giving me access to.

What I am trying to tell you here is that there are companies that provide you with cryptocurrency trading services. However, when you look at the assets that you can trade with them, you realize that they offer you nothing more than Bitcoin or Ethereum trading. I don’t say that this type of trading is bad in any way, but what if I want other options as well. Can I get the options that I am looking for? I have to tell you that I see Ripple as the most promising assets out there in the cryptocurrency market. Can I trade that when I sign up with the broker that I have chosen?

In this particular case, I can say yes to that question. I am not stuck with Bitcoin or Ethereum. I have access to many other assets that are from the same cryptocurrency market. The good thing is that the company has chosen only the most reliable cryptocurrency assets so I and you can avoid the dangers of trading something we don’t fully understand. So, yes, when you sign up with WOBIT, you will be able to trade not only Ethereum and Bitcoin, but you will have access to Bitcoin cash, Ripple, Litecoin.

Wobit Trading Platform

A Platform You Can Praise

The trading platform here is something I have to talk about with pride. When I signed up with other brokers, I always found myself lost. Why did I find myself lost? Well, those trading platforms are designed to provide you with a lot of different features. However, the creators of those platforms never really offered something that I could understand quickly. The problem I always faced was that I could not find my way around. I had to learn the software for many days before I could trade. That’s like wasting your time. When you want to trade, you just have to be able to trade.

You should not waste the time you wanted to dedicate to trading on learning the platform that you are going to use. So, the first thing that I have to admire about this platform is that it is very easy to use. You are going to love the idea of customization even more. Yes, you can customize this platform the way you want. There is no need for you to learn things because you can just have them your way. In addition to that, you will be able to use it on any device of your choice. I often see that people who use Android phones are not able to use the apps that iPhone users use. Those who use iPhone apps can’t use the Android apps.

That’s not going to be an issue when you sign up with WOBIT. This company has changed everything for you. This trading platform will run on all your mobile and immobile devices. Whether you want to use it on your desktop computer or smartphone, you will have no issues in doing that. WOBIT has put its own development team behind the creation of this amazing platform.

Final Thoughts

I won’t be wrong if I say that there are some other features I wanted to talk about. I think once you know about this broker even more, you will be convinced to say the same. If you are looking for an impressive trading platform with great crypto trading features for traders from all around the world, I don’t think you should be looking any further. You will get all of it here on this platform.

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